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What is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography or annotated citation bibliology is a bibliographic record (a catalogue or list of resources) which includes evaluative and descriptive comments about the sources mentioned in your own paper. These comments are called keywords. Keywords may appear in the form of phrases or words, or they can be part of a sentence.

A person who specializes in writing about MLA format is the one who can create an appropriate bibliography for your research paper or thesis. For example, if you are an instructor at a college or university, your name will appear on the citation panel, but your institution may not appear on the same citation panel with the name of the college or university you teach at. That is why it is important to choose the right format for your research work and not rely on the wrong format for your bibliographies.

Different ways in which to format a bibliography

The most common way, and the one which are typically used by people involved in the field of academe, is to have the bibliographic information appear in quotation marks, enclosed within double quotation marks, with the citation number following the opening quote. For example, D. Y. Lipworth, Education as a Human Right: An Encyclopedia (College Publishers, 2001), p. xii. This is an example of the MLA style format for an essay on education. In such citations, only the first name and the last name of the author are necessary, and if possible the University or College is also indicated.

Another way in which to format a bibliography is to use footnotes. However, footnotes are not allowed in electronic or print versions of academic citations. The main problem with footnotes is that when they are used incorrectly they can become a distracting element. An example of this would be to leave out the date or make note of something that was not mentioned in the cited work. Students may not follow this recommendation of formatting bibliographies because such guidelines are meant to be easy to read and understand.

An annotated bibliography definition

It is a compilation of all the research materials that have been collected for a particular research project and placed in a bibliographic publication. When such materials are arranged according to the preferences of the writer, or according to the subject of the research project, then such materials can be called into this type of bibliographic publication.

Such a bibliographic entry may come in the form of an annotated monograph or an annotated synopsis. In any case such an entry is a summary or a concise version of what has been written about in the particular article or book. What is an annotated bibliography then? The writing on which such an entry is based may be varied. In some cases it may deal with literary works and in other cases it may be concerned with scientific works.

What is an annotated bibliography then?

It is a single written source entry that includes all the various materials that are to be found in the actual citations in the research paper or journal article. This means that the person using the citation generator or the one creating the list in the first place should make sure that all the proper citations or references are included. Annotations in the text make this possible.