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What is Academic Writing?

Academic writing is basically the formal academic writing style employed in universities and colleges. It is what students are required to create for research papers and what academics and professors use to compose serious, peer-reviewed scholarly documents. While academic writing has several defining characteristics, such as the focus on individual points of view rather than a comprehensive approach to academic writing is often a messy blend of ideas and facts. Because of this messy nature, many students struggle with the concept of what constitutes academic writing and end up going with an academic writer who lacks proper academic diction and a proper definition of academic writing.

Characteristics of academic writing

The definition of academic writing actually depends on the audience. For instance, if the academic paper is for a class assignment, the writing itself should be geared towards answering a specific research question. The information must be organized in a way that makes sense, the definitions and arguments must be clearly defined, and any recommendations must be supported by actual studies or research.

Another important characteristic of academic writing is that it must be formal in a very defined way. Writing a research paper, for example, usually requires that the paper is set in a formal tone. In other words, the title should be the first sentence, the introduction should be the next, and the conclusion should be the last. This is followed by any recommendations and acknowledgements. Any body of information should be cited properly, including references and a bibliography if needed.

One of the key characteristics of academic writing is that it involves the use of specific and complex language. The term “academic writing” actually refers to a certain type of written communication that is very structured and organized, with definite and particular goals. Academic writing usually requires that the writer use a certain style of language. This might be a highly formal tone or it might be a more casual style, depending upon the topic of the research paper being written about.

A further important characteristic of what is academic writing definition is that it usually involves a research methodology. The methodology refers to the precise methods used to collect data and to analyze the results of the research. The purpose of such an analysis is to help to reach a precise result. The exact methods may vary from one field of study to another. However, the overall result is usually a well-researched, well-organized, and well-written paper.

Yet, another key characteristic of what is academic writing definition is that it must not be based on intuition or personal opinion, but on fact and on research. The writer must carefully research an issue, gather facts, and evaluate the facts to determine which position is right. Then the writer must discuss the research in terms of its importance and the implications of that position for the outcome. Finally, the paper should be written in a formal tone using correct grammar and vocabulary. The conclusion is also important; however, it is not as important as the other three characteristics.